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Frequently asked questions

People 65 years and older with increasing disease and disability management who needs effective quality healthcare models to survive the ageing health cost. 

Clients at risk for falls of the stated population is alarmingly rising. The AGPT (Academy of Geriatric Physical therapy) section of APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) stated findings and projections: “Every 20 minutes, an older adult dies as a result of falling. An estimated 20%-30% of older adults fall each year, which is the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries and fifth-leading cause of death among aging adults in America. Falls not only threaten independence and quality of life, they also generate enormous economic and personal costs. In the U.S. alone, costs associated with falls in 2015 totaled more than $50 billion. As our population ages, so too will the impact of falls and associated costs. Fall related deaths are anticipated to rise from 20,000 in 2017 to 40,000 in 2020. Expenditures related to falls may reach an estimated $60 billion by 2020.”

Clients at risk of opioid epidemic is seemingly inevitable despite campaign efforts e.g. APTA’s “Choose PT.” The rising concern is that pain drives clients for an immediate relief of opioids/narcotics and surgical approaches that may not deem necessary. In low back pain for example, the cost paid for visits to doctors’ offices, clinics, surgery and prescription medicines in 2005 was $ 86 billion. This health dollar is increasing in rate each year.

Clients at risk of chronic comorbidities with waning on/off exacerbations e.g. heart disease, DM, CHF, COPD. Education for wellness and maintenance may improve their quality of health and life.

Clients who underwent surgery e.g. post THA, TKA, TSA, laminectomy, spinal fusion etc., who wanted to return to previous independent level of function.

Clients who are believers that health is wealth and would love to challenge personal and social activities with a physical therapist’s guidance to improve quality of life.

Family/caregiver who wanted to be reassured of sick loved ones well being & safety at home and who seeks home modification for safety.

Family/caregiver who needed assistance with decision-making for an appropriate patient setting/environment e.g. ALF, ILF etc. or for a continuum of care.

Facilities that value the functional and physical status of their clients seeking annual fall assessment and musculoskeletal assessment for wellness.

You do NOT need to have one to consult with a physical therapist. We will work with your physician to coordinate treatment or refer you to any healthcare practitioner you may need when deemed necessary and appropriate within 15 days upon consultation. All 50 states have “direct access” for PT evaluation.  You can have immediate care, just need you to focus on healing.


Price varies, which could be discussed with consultation by email or by phone. 

We accept Medicare.

Home modification will vary between the task at hand due to the variables that come with a home.